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Amir Khan Continues to Talk About Guerrero vs Maidana Cancellation

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Amir Khan is still jawing away about the now-canceled fight between Marcos Maidana and Robert Guerrero, and has even decided to change his own story about how he thought the fight was going to go.

Here's what Khan told World Boxing News:

"I think it would have been a good fight and it’s a shame it’s off. It could be true that Guerrero is injured because he is a warrior and wouldn’t back out. Maidana is beatable and Guerrero is a good boxer who would have made him look silly at times."

Now first off, this is a far cry from Khan's earlier statement that Guerrero has no injury, and that he reckoned Maidana paid Guerrero to step aside and make him full WBA regular titlist. That's what he said. There's no getting around it.

But about that fight prediction of Guerrero making Maidana look silly, two months ago Khan said something quite different:

"When he fights Maidana in the 140 pound division I think it’s a different game really, because he’s going to be so strong and powerful. I really think Maidana will walk through Guerrero. It will be a tough fight for both of them, but it will be exciting."

In both cases he said it would be a good fight, but his tone went from "Maidana will walk though Guerrero" to "Guerrero would have made him look silly at times."

This really does fuel my own personal speculation that Khan vs Maidana II is now in play for December. Khan is making too much of an issue of this for it to not be at least possible, and again, it reminds me of the way Khan vs Judah was pre-hyped on Twitter before it was signed.