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Michael Katsidis Weighing Options: Maidana, Mitchell, N'Dou, and More in the Mix

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Kevin Mitchell is one possible next opponent for Michael Katsidis. (Photo by Scott Heavey/Getty Images)
Kevin Mitchell is one possible next opponent for Michael Katsidis. (Photo by Scott Heavey/Getty Images)
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Word from Michael Katsidis' official site is that the Aussie brawler, now a 140-pound fighter after a win there on August 13 against Michael Lozada, is not yet set on a fight with Lovemore N'dou, as others have reported. There are several fighters that the Katsidis team is looking at for his next bout, so let's look at those names mentioned.

Lovemore N'dou (48-13-2, 31 KO): N'dou has been campaigning at welterweight since 2008, and it's an open question how low he could get for a fight with Katsidis, which would no doubt take place in Australia. N'dou, a native of South Africa, has lived in and fought out of Sydney for over a decade. N'dou has gone 2-3-1 since his official move to welterweight, beating Phillip N'dou and Bongani Mwelase; losing to Kermit Cintron, Canelo Alvarez, and Kell Brook; and drawing with Matthew Hatton. At 40, N'dou is still very tough, but he's slowed down pretty noticeably as an offensive fighter, and the weight could be a problem.

Kevin Mitchell (32-1, 24 KO): Mitchell is still at lightweight, and he's not big there, so a move up to junior welterweight would probably not be a great idea. This might be a lucrative enough fight to get Katsidis to move back down to lightweight, though, or they might be able to work out a catchweight. Mitchell looked terrific in a comeback win over John Murray on July 16, after over a year off following a blowout loss to Katsidis in West Ham. Since Mitchell beat Murray, a Katsidis vs Mitchell rematch has been discussed. It could also be used as leverage for other fights.

Andy Murray (24-1, 12 KO): Murray lost his last fight, outworked by Gavin Rees on June 4, but it was more an uneven performance than a bad one. He got off to far too slow a start, and made it a good fight as it wore on, and he was able to test Rees' questionable stamina. Team Katsidis says Murray wants the fight in Ireland, and Katsidis has never had any problem traveling.

Joel Casamayor (38-5-1, 22 KO): This one came up a few days ago. Casamayor, 40, has looked awful in recent fights, and is in no way a junior welterweight. This fight would likely mostly serve to stroke Katsidis' ego and give him the illusion of having gotten revenge on Casamayor, but it wouldn't really mean a whole lot to those who have seen Casamayor recently. Luckily the fight wouldn't be sold to those people.

Marcos Maidana (30-2, 27 KO): Katsidis' team calls this "a potential show-stopper," and they're probably right. Neither guy is very good at range, and both like to bull forward and unload big shots. They're also both very sturdy fighters with toughness left to burn. With Maidana now available, this could conceivably be made, but it would probably have to wait until 2012. The HBO budget is burned and Golden Boy's two PPV cards are full. Unless they wanted to stick this on a smaller PPV card, or on the Khan vs TBA card in December, this isn't likely this year. But the latter is possible if there's enough money at HBO for that kind of co-feature.

Erik Morales (51-7, 35 KO): Morales faces Lucas Matthysse on September 17, and if he does win, is in the mix to fight Amir Khan in December himself. But I still don't think that's a fight Morales is really looking to take without a really big payday that Golden Boy isn't likely to give him. Win or lose against Matthysse, the idea of a Morales vs Katsidis fight is still a good one.

Humberto Soto (56-7-2, 32 KO): Soto is moving up to 140 pounds on September 3 against Jose Alfaro, and is considering signing a deal with Golden Boy, but he wants to do that to land a fight with Morales. I firmly doubt that the Mexican veteran has much interest in a Katsidis fight, and he's successfully avoided challenges like that in the past. He's about to run out of viable weight classes to run to, however.

Amir Khan (26-1, 18 KO): This isn't going to happen, because there are too many others ahead of Katsidis in the Khan pecking order for the December bout, where a win will send Khan to welterweight next year. But Katsidis is letting it be known that he'd gladly take the fight.

Chances are if it's anyone on this list, his next fight will be either N'dou or Casamayor, which are the two least interesting of the lot, and probably the lowest risk.