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As the World Turns: Khan Apologizes for Guerrero Comment, Prescott Wants Maidana After McCloskey

Amir Khan and Marcos Maidana are back to slinging trash talk at one another. (Photo by Scott Heavey/Getty Images)
Amir Khan and Marcos Maidana are back to slinging trash talk at one another. (Photo by Scott Heavey/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Amir Khan has apologized for yesterday's insulting tweet regarding Robert Guerrero's injury, but it's not exactly the most amazing apology ever:

"I was messing around about the injury of Guerrero. Apologies for the tweet. I'm sure he didn't get paid step aside money. Someone said it was an arm injury in sparring [that] Guerrero suffered. Well let's hope he recovers. I bet Maidana is happy for not wanting to get beat up."

As we noted last night, Khan's tone sure has changed on how the Guerrero vs Maidana fight would have gone, as he earlier said that Maidana would "walk through" Guerrero, and now is saying that Guerrero would have made Maidana "look silly at times," and now that Maidana is likely happy to avoid getting "beat up." It's all pretty normal stuff from Khan, who tends to talk more than might be advised, but I'm still getting the feeling that a rematch just might be in order. And again, if it's not, Khan could stand to calm down.

And then there's Breidis Prescott, who has gotten his voice involved in all of this, telling Rick Reeno that Maidana is lucky that Prescott has a fight scheduled, or he'd have stepped in on August 27:

"Maidana is lucky that I'm fighting McCloskey in September. I would have stepped in there and knocked his ass out. After I'm done with McCloskey, I'm coming for Maidana."

If Prescott beats Paul McCloskey on September 10, he will be in line for a shot at Maidana's WBA "regular" title, which by then might wind up upgraded to "super" status if Khan moves out of the division, since it would allow the WBA to juice someone else for belt money.

I have to admit something. It's been years, but I'm slowly starting to like Prescott. It's just that the guy refuses to go away. It doesn't matter if he loses a few fights, or fails to knock out pretty much anyone but Amir Khan despite his supposed monster power. He just keeps talking. And he never, ever misses an opportunity to talk. It's pretty admirable. He's dedicated.

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