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Jonathan Victor Barros vs Celestino Caballero Rematch Scheduled for October

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A rematch between WBA "regular" featherweight titlist Jonathan Victor Barros and Celestino Caballero will take place in Argentina on October 14 or 15, according to Jhonny Gonzalez at

Barros (33-1-1, 18 KO) got a controversial decision win in Argentina over Caballero (34-4, 23 KO) on July 2, winning by split decision scores of 116-111, 114-112, and 111-115. I didn't see the fight live, but upon watching it on YouTube, I had the fight for Caballero, and felt that referee Luis Pabon did a terrible job in the bout. Barros was down in the 1st and 9th rounds of the fight, and while it wasn't a pretty win, I thought Caballero deserved the duke.

The WBA apparently felt the officiating was controversial enough, because they ordered an immediate rematch after Caballero's team requested it. The purse bid was won by Barros' promoter, so the fight is going back to Argentina, which I'm sure isn't Caballero's preference, but there's not much can be done about that. Don't expect Pabon to get the assignment, though.