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Friday Night Fights Studio Host Brian Kenny Leaving ESPN

Brian Kenny will be leaving ESPN, and thus will no longer be part of Friday Night Fights.
Brian Kenny will be leaving ESPN, and thus will no longer be part of Friday Night Fights.

ESPN Friday Night Fights studio host and occasional play-by-play man Brian Kenny is leaving ESPN, and is likely to be taking job at MLB Network. From USA Today:

Kenny will host his final SportsCenter in early September, confirmed ESPN spokesman Mike Soltys. "Brian did great work for us. His contract was up and he found a new opportunity," Soltys said Monday night.

In addition to -- and more accurately, more importantly than -- his boxing work for ESPN, Kenny was the host of a national radio show for ESPN, and was an anchor on Baseball Tonight, and a regular play-by-play man.

I will say that as a boxing fan, I'll miss having Brian Kenny on Friday Night Fights. He was a clued-in commentator who followed the sport, and a great interviewer who wasn't afraid to ask tough questions. He may be best-remembered by boxing fans for a confrontational, entertaining, head-to-head interview session with Floyd Mayweather Jr in 2009:

But in the grand scheme of things, while I do indeed like Brian Kenny, not much will change. He was already replaced several times this season as the studio host of Friday Night Fights, notably by Jonathan Coachman, so we've already sort of gotten used to him not being there. I don't know if Coachman (who was normally fine) or someone else will be the long-term replacement for Kenny on Friday Night Fights, but we'll find out in January, I guess.

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