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Ken Hershman Would Do Another Super Six Tournament

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Speaking with Mitch Abramson at, Showtime's Ken Hershman said he'd like to do another Super Six tournament, despite the troubles that have come with the first installment, which concludes on October 29 when Andre Ward faces Carl Froch in Atlantic City.

"I would love to do it. I think it’s great for boxing. It’s fantastic for the participants. It’s great for Showtime and I’d love to keep doing it. Obviously, you want to keep them as short as possible. But with injuries and delays, it’s inevitable it’s going to stretch out longer than we would personally like but we think at the end of the day, two years is a very reasonable timeframe when you consider all of the great fights that we’ve done."

Obviously Hershman's definition of "great fight" is whatever is good for his network and not necessarily, you know, a fight remembered as great, but that's neither here nor there, really. I do agree with him that two years for a round robin + single elimination is perfectly fine, and honestly, given all the issues that have come up with injuries and fighters dropping out and replacements needing to be found, I think they did a bang-up job keeping it just under two years in length. Every time they lost a fighter, he was replaced very quickly, except Andre Dirrell, who just wasn't replaced at all. And even then, they helped put together a very good matchup between Ward (Dirrell's woulda-been opponent) and Sakio Bika outside of the tournament.

Do you want to see another Super Six? Would you prefer something like an eight-man, single elimination tournament instead?