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Carl Froch Concerned About New Jersey Officiating for Ward Fight

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Carl Froch is a bit worried about judging in New Jersey. (Photo by Tom Shaw/Getty Images)
Carl Froch is a bit worried about judging in New Jersey. (Photo by Tom Shaw/Getty Images)
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Keith Idec reports from yesterday's New York press conference that Carl Froch is a bit concerned about the judging in New Jersey for his October 29 Super Six World Boxing Classic final against Andre Ward:

"It has, if I’m honest, made me a little bit concerned. ... I’ve never really been concerned about referees and judges, to be hones. It’s never been in the forefront, but just recently, with what happened with Paul Williams … it’s sort of made me think to myself, ‘Could it potentially be a problem?’ I’m fighting an American, in America, and I’ve been victim to some bad judging in the past. Even in the Glen Johnson fight, one of the judges saw fit to score [it even], when it was clearly my fight."

I do agree with him that the judge who scored the fight a draw in June was a little off, because I, too, felt it was clearly Froch's fight, though spirited and competitive it was. But that judge was Japan's Nobuaki Uratani, who was also a judge for Froch's 2009 fight with Jermain Taylor, and had the fight a very reasonable 106-102 for Taylor at the time of the 12th round stoppage. He has mostly worked in Japan, as you would expect, and I'm not sure if he has a bad reputation or anything there, but either way, he's not a typical New Jersey judge.

I can understand him being concerned given the travesty that was the Williams vs Lara fight, but frankly I can't imagine a scenario in which Froch loses on the cards and doesn't dispute it. The guy is an ego monster, and that works in good and bad ways for him, mostly good. Obviously none of the three judges who scored Williams vs Lara will be on hand for this one, and New Jersey has many fine, respected judges, and surely will bring in an international judge for this fight, too. So while I don't think there's a good reason right now to expect anything shady, I also can't blame Froch for being worried. It's natural.