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Video: First Look at HBO 24/7 with Floyd Mayweather Jr

Here's the "first look" at Floyd Mayweather Jr's side of the upcoming HBO "24/7" series devoted to Mayweather's September 17 fight with Victor Ortiz:

Floyd has been the unquestionable breakout star of the "24/7" series, and in many ways it's on him to make this one memorable again. The "24/7" brand has branched out into other sports like NASCAR and hockey, but until something major changes, this is still a boxing series at heart, and it's still Floyd Mayweather Jr's star vehicle.

That said, Mayweather seems pretty aware that the format is in danger of getting stale (if it hasn't already), so he's going to switch things up and apparently give us a deeper look into his real life, including the woman in his life, which could be interesting. I have to wonder if as much of the focus will be on the relationship between Floyd's father and former trainer, Floyd Sr, and his uncle and current trainer, Roger, because that's been something we've seen evolve over Mayweather's appearances on the show, and from the look of things in the more recent series, Big Floyd and Roger have buried the hatchet and there's not so much drama from either of them anymore.

The series premieres on August 27 at 10 p.m. EDT.