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Video: Jane Couch Frazzles Andre Ward Something Awful

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This was up yesterday as a FanShot over on the right sidebar (and a hat tip to pong102 for bringing it to my attention), but I didn't see it until just now, and I had to put this in a post of its own, because it deserves it.

Fair warnings here: There is some NSFW language, and Jane Couch is, by her own admittance, a bit nuts. If you're not familiar with Jane Couch, I find it hard to explain her, but she's a true character. She is a former fighter who retired in 2008 with a record of 28-11 (9 KO), and she's been involved in the sport ever since. Her site is, if you want to learn and see more.

Here's her interview with Andre Ward:

This is just outstanding. Andre Ward has no clue how to deal with this interview, really, but bless him, he does his best. Couch clearly has no filter here, no script, and is not playing the typical boxing interview game. It's amazing. I love it so much that I can't even properly describe it. It's not that I have anything against Ward, but watching him squirm as she rambles about her mother "fancying" Michael Buffer ("She's 73." "Wow..." "I don't fancy him.") is amazing.

If you can't get enough of Jane Couch making American men feel uncomfortable, here's Jane with Ken Hershman:

There's also an interview with Dan Goossen, but the sound is a mess.