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Shane Mosley Back in the Ring, Spars With Mercito Gesta at Wild Card

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Shane Mosley is back in the ring. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Shane Mosley is back in the ring. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Chris Robinson of the Examiner reports that "Sugar" Shane Mosley has found his way back into the boxing ring after laying low for the last couple of months, as he showed up at the Wild Card Gym with his son, Shane Jr, and both of them did some sparring work with Mercito Gesta.

Here's what Gesta's trainer/manager Vince Parra had to say about the work:

"[Mosley] said that he had brought Shane Jr. to get some work and he also was looking for some work. I asked if he would work with Mercito and he said he’d love to. So that’s how it ended up going down. They go in there, went four rounds, and then Shane Jr. went in there with Mercito and went two rounds. It was great. ... Shane actually rushed him a little bit. He wanted to test him. You could see the veteran moves but I think Mercito surprised him a little bit. He was impressed and afterwards we kind of laughed about it. Shane said ‘Man, he reminds me of Manny and I could have used him in my last camp’. But it was all good and it was a lot of respect. It was fun to see."

I really thought that Mosley (46-7-1, 39 KO) came off quite poorly after his May loss to Manny Pacquiao, with an uninspired performance that saw the 39-year-old veteran avoiding contact late in the fight (never Shane Mosley's style), and then worse yet, bought into an obviously fake online "article" about Manny Pacquiao having used steroids, and did the whole, "I'm not saying, just saying!" bit, which was then followed by the, "I didn't say anything, you guys!" bit, which never comes off well.

But I am a forgiving fellow, and I like Shane Mosley. It's nice to see him back around and apparently feeling and doing well. I still don't think I need to see Shane Mosley fight on in his pro career, because he's very far gone from his peak. I like Jose Luis Castillo, too, but I don't need to see him fight anymore. My desire to watch them in the ring has faded. But I do expect he will fight again. I'm more interested to see what becomes of Shane Jr, who is a big kid at age 19 and came to boxing without being pushed into it. He may not ever pan out, but second/third generation fighters will always interest me at first, whether they become Floyd Mayweather Jr or Hector Camacho Jr.