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Bad Left Hook Radio for August 25: Povetkin vs Chagaev Preview, Five Best Fights of September

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Hey now! It's Bad Left Hook Radio, and it's a sloppy episode that I wanted to push on the public (you) because I'm pretty bored and figured, why the hell not do a podcast this evening?

Topics? Oh, topics. Some previewage for Povetkin vs Chagaev and Helenius vs Liakhovich, a little UFC on Fox talk, and the five best fights of September. You can choose to define "best" however you wish!

Starting next week the show will be back regularly, by which I mean weekly, and I might try to get in two per week if there's major stuff going on, like the Mayweather vs Ortiz fight week, where we'll probably do a preview episode and then a special recap episode the day after, too, which could become regular depending on whether or not I enjoy doing it and/or people listen to it.

Anyway, enjoy, and I promise I won't suck as much once I get back into my groove thang.

(Lupe Fiasco and R.E.M., for anyone who might wonder.)

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