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Jersey Shore's Ronnie Learns The Deft Fighting Skills That Allowed Him to Beat Up 'The Situation' (Video)

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I'm going to make a horrible confession: On Wednesday, because I was tremendously bored, I watched my first-ever episode of "Jersey Shore."

When I was a youngster, MTV had "The Real World" back when it had actual people -- your Corys, your Pams, your Irenes, your Beth S.'s and Beth A.'s -- and it was one of my favorite shows. This was reality TV before such a thing existed. Cutting edge.

But as I have gotten older, I have not much cared about reality TV. It got stupider. Then there's "Jersey Shore." To me, it's half-stupid modern reality TV, and half-throwback reality TV. It reminds me in many ways of the early "Real World" seasons (1-6 or so), but also has many of the hallmarks of stupider shows.

So tonight, I watched "Jersey Shore," and that big meathead dude Ronnie got into a fight with that smaller meathead dude Mike "The Situation," and while I was tweeting about it, Corey Erdman put up a video of Ronnie working out with former WBC super flyweight titlist Sugar Baby Rojas. This is real. It happened. Enjoy?

Now, I'm not a great judge of technique. Many of you on this very site are better at that than I am. But I'm pretty sure that Ronnie's technique is not very good.

However, I have to assume that this is good enough technique to beat up "The Situation." I wonder if "The Situation" knew about Ronnie's training with Sugar Baby? If so, would he have still fought him? I wouldn't have. Not with combinations like these.