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Friday Night Fights 2011 Recap Video: A Look Back at a Great Season

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ESPN has put together a video recap of the terrific 2011 season of Friday Night Fights, which featured an abundance of knockouts, terrific fights, prospects losing their undefeated records, and better matchmaking than the show has seen in years.

Since the video autostarts, it's after the jump. That's also a warning: It starts automatically, so if you go through the jump, you know, be ready.

What were your favorite fights this season? Obviously Pawel Wolak vs Delvin Rodriguez (July 15) tops the list, and if you disagree, well, congratulations on being "cool" or whatever. But there were some other terrific fights. Here's my short list of the best of the season:

Pawel Wolak vs Delvin Rodriguez - July 15 (Bad Left Hook Recap / YouTube)

Jesus Gonzales vs Francisco Sierra - July 8 (Bad Left Hook Recap / YouTube)

Mark Jason Melligen vs Sebastian Lujan - July 1 (Bad Left Hook Recap / YouTube)

David Diaz vs Hank Lundy - August 19 (Bad Left Hook Recap / / YouTube)

There were plenty of other really good fights, too. Lundy vs Patrick Lopez, David Lemieux vs Marco Antonio Rubio, Ruslan Provodnikov vs Maurico Herrera, Herrera vs Mike Dallas Jr, John Molina vs Robert Frankel, and plenty more. There were some action-packed swing fights throughout the year, and few true dud weeks along the way. I'm really looking forward to seeing the show back in January.