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Special Announcement on Death of Arturo Gatti Coming on September 7

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Hurricane Irene has delayed a scheduled press conference regarding the 2009 death of popular fighter Arturo "Thunder" Gatti, which will now come on September 7, according to

A number of medical and scientific expert witnesses from across the country will also make brief presentations which organizers say will conclusively lay to rest the mystery surrounding Gatti's cause of death.

Earlier in August, it was announced that a private investigator named Paul Ciolino would be looking into the case, which was ruled a suicide by Brazilian authorities. It was a ruling that has never sat well with Gatti's family and friends, or with many boxing fans, and a later autopsy in Canada did not rule out homicide as a cause of death. Gatti's then-wife, Amanda Rodrigues, was taken into custody in Brazil after the death, but was released shortly thereafter.

Gatti, who was massively popular in New Jersey especially due to his all-action wars at Boardwalk Hall, was 37 when he died, and had been retired from boxing for two years.