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Video: Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Victor Ortiz HBO Faceoff

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Here's the full, six-minute, official HBO Faceoff for the September 17 fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Victor Ortiz:

I knew I was going to hate this with all my heart as soon as Mayweather said "young strong lion," and then Victor Ortiz starts off with about the worst spiel in history, including the great line, "I could clearly quote you," when he obviously could not.

What we've got here is two men who like to ham it up, neither of whom can act for s**t, so you wind up with this undercharged pro wrestling promo with a couple of guys who don't know the importance of being believable because they've never been coached on it.

I did, I admit, absolutely love when Ortiz said, "It ain't Berto. For you guys it was." That was a good line. But my favorite part of this is watching Max Kellerman trying to steer this thing. It's a hopeless task, and he appears to know it pretty quickly. He does what he can.