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Video: Mayweather vs Ortiz 24/7 Trailer

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Here's the trailer for the HBO "24/7" series, back again to cover their next major boxing event on September 17, when Floyd Mayweather Jr meets Victor Ortiz.

This is likely going to be a real test of endurance for boxing fans who already know the stories and habits of the two fighters, because they're just so corny, both of them. But I did find that the last couple of "24/7" looks at Mayweather were a little bit different than his first appearances, which made him the media star that he is today. He's not exaggerating when he says that he made "24/7" what it is, really -- he was the key to making the show the hit that it was when it debuted in 2007 for his fight with Oscar de la Hoya, and has been the one fighter who I think became a bigger star largely due to his appearances on the series. It has helped make him, and he has made the show, too.

But for casual fans, the show will probably work again. They haven't heard Victor Ortiz's story a million times, and Mayweather's shtick still seems to play well to most of the people who don't follow his exploits daily even when he's not fighting.

You know what I'd love to see, actually? A "24/7" that also features time for the guys on the undercard. Each episode could devote 5-to-8 minutes to the undercard guys and their stories. You'd still be focused on the guys selling the event, but maybe the guys underneath get someone excited, too, and maybe their fights mean more. I do realize that sending out extra camera crews and all that would cost money, too. I'm just dreamin', that's all.