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Official Poster for Paul McCloskey vs Breidis Prescott

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On September 10 in Belfast, Paul McCloskey has home field against Breidis Prescott in a WBA eliminator bout at 140 pounds. Here's the official poster:


(If you want true full-size, click the link down at the bottom for the Fight Poster Project. The real full-size poster here is 1754x2480.)

I think my favorite part of the poster is definitely the note next to Prescott's name that helpfully reminds you that he's the only man to beat Amir Khan. If you have ever even heard of Breidis Prescott, that is probably the one thing you do know about him. It's not like he's been shy about reminding anyone. If a high society woman, a real stereotypical one from a 1984 comedy, met Breidis Prescott at some party he was at for whatever reason, I am quite certain he'd tell her he beat Amir Khan before he told her his name.

Also, they misspelled Colombia.

The fight will be televised by Sky Sports on September 10, and I suppose there is a very outside chance that should Prescott win -- which would be by far the second-best win of his career -- he could rematch Khan in December, but don't hold your breath.

For more fight posters going back as far as 1936, check out the Bad Left Hook Fight Poster Project.