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Floyd Mayweather Jr and Floyd Mayweather Sr Go At It On 24/7 (Video)

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God knows how long this will actually stay up on YouTube, but if you still haven't seen the wild ending to last week's debut episode of "Mayweather vs Ortiz 24/7," here's the argument that spiraled far out of control:

I think many of our readers have it right, from the thread that accompanied Anthony Wilson's recap of the first episode: These are old wounds bubbling back to the surface. It's far from anything new, and worse fights have probably happened over the years when cameras weren't rolling. Floyd Jr and Floyd Sr were estranged and not on speaking terms for many years, and there seems to be a legitimate jealousy that Sr has toward his brother, Roger, as far as Jr claiming that Roger made him the fighter he is today. Whether or not Floyd Sr or Roger is more responsible for how great a fighter "Lil Floyd" has become is very debatable, and you could have a strong conversation about it, I think. Sr molded Jr, but Roger has obviously been there for his pro career and his rise to superstardom.

Hell, let's poll it out: Who deserves more credit for Floyd Jr's success, Floyd Sr or Roger? I think most of us can agree that Jr himself is the one deserving of most of the credit, since you can't train someone who isn't willing to work hard, but just between Sr and Roger, who gets the most credit from you?