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Floyd Mayweather Sr Speaks Out After 24/7

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Just last year, Floyd Mayweather Sr and his world-famous son were all smiles on camera. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Just last year, Floyd Mayweather Sr and his world-famous son were all smiles on camera. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
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In an interview I really recommend reading all of at with Percy Crawford, Floyd Mayweather Sr spoke out about the fight with his son, Floyd Mayweather Jr, on the premiere episode of "Mayweather vs Ortiz: 24/7" last Saturday on HBO.

For those who missed it, read Anthony Wilson's recap of the episode.

Here's part of what Floyd Sr said:

"Lil Floyd done let money go to his head, man, and when you let money rule your life, you either gotta have a rude awakening or you have to go broke. I'm not saying I want to see either one of them happen, but money is the root of all evil. ... Maybe Floyd needs a loss to come back to reality. Right now, he's undefeated and he's making of ton of money while fighting, but, I don't know, man. I never want to see my son lose because through all the bullshit, he's still my son. But Lil Floyd needs some sort of reality check, whether that be in the ring or out."

Many have spoken out saying they feel Sr did nothing wrong, and when you watch it back, it's hard to really blame him. He was just talking, maybe boasting a little, but nothing different than we've seen between father and son since their reconciliation in recent years. They boast. They compete. They brag, they laugh, they have danceoffs. But this just went down a dark road, and seemingly turned there on a dime. It got ugly so fast that it felt like nobody there knew what the hell was even going on, except for Roger Mayweather, who seemed from the start to know that the conversation wasn't going to end well. When you look at Roger's face even before things go south, you can see him looking a little reluctant and even fearful.

I will say one thing, and it's the cynical side of this. They've definitely got people talking about "24/7," which might help the numbers and thus help hype the fight further. But to those who think it was staged, I'm just not seeing it. I've seen too much bad reality TV and pro wrestling in my life, and I've seen Floyd acting before. He's not that good of an actor, and neither are the other guys who were around. Children were crying, people were taken off-guard, and the whole thing just got bad so fast that I can't believe that this wasn't real, that it wasn't a sudden reopening of old wounds that never properly healed. And I think most people just feel bad that they saw it. No matter what you think of any of the Mayweathers, it was unpleasant and uncomfortable, as gripping as it might have been as a reality TV segment.