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Saul "Canelo" Alvarez Hits It Hard Training at Big Bear (Video)

Courtesy The Koncrete Jungle:

The 21-year-old Alvarez (37-0-1, 27 KO) has definitely been pushed into the background of the September 17 promotion, even though he's headlining his own show that night in Los Angeles, but it's to be understood given that we're talking about a Floyd Mayweather Jr pay-per-view here.

Really, I'm expecting Alvarez to thoroughly dominate Alfonso Gomez (23-4-2, 12 KO), but it's good that he's not taking the fight that way. I think Alvarez, for the guff he takes for his matchups, is a pretty likeable guy -- he goes out and fights who's in front of him, and he has done his job to great results every time out. He never lets himself "fight down" to the level of weaker opponents, and when he has the chance, he goes for the finish. What's not to like about that, at least?

But Gomez is a ballsy fighter, and I still expect it to be entertaining while it lasts.