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Cotto vs Margarito II: Robert Garcia Says Margarito Will Laugh at 153-Pound Cotto Catchweight

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What, Miguel worry? (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)
What, Miguel worry? (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)
Getty Images

rainer Robert Garcia says that his fighter Antonio Margarito will laugh at the 153-pound catchweight imposed by Miguel Cotto for the December 3 rematch between the two, and also says he has no fear that Margarito will have trouble with the weight. From Ryan Burton at

"They wanted to get Tony down to 150. They also wanted to have a 160-pound limit on the day of the fight. That Tony couldn't gain more than 10 pounds before he steps in the ring. Now that it is at 153, they don't look so good. That is like if Brandon Rios gets a belt at 140 and we are going to defend it and say that our opponent can't weigh in at more than 139 pounds. It is crazy. Tony will make the 153 pounds and laugh."

You know, I kind of scoff at even referring to this as a catchweight. I mean, it's neat if you're amused by Cotto taking any perceived advantage he could get, but at the end of the day I think it looks weak of him to try so hard to gain those advantages. My feelings about Antonio Margarito don't enter this for me, it's just about Cotto seeming like he didn't really want this fight, which he could have just said from the get-go. Top Rank would have found him another fight without much trouble, and would have found something for Margarito, too. But instead we have Cotto pressing for a non-advantage "catchweight" which is a full pound under the normal weight limit, after trying and failing to get 150. You may disagree, but that's just how I'm seeing it.

Now, I'm not saying I think it's, like, fear from Cotto. Maybe the ghost of Margarito pummeling him down in 2008 still haunts him, maybe it doesn't. Maybe he feels Margarito had loaded wraps that night, but maybe he doesn't. He said a good while back that Margarito would "never make another dime" fighting Miguel Cotto, which was an understandable and perfectly legit stance to take, but later amended that to say a deal could be made. Now one has been made, despite all the troubles getting it all together. So we'll see if Cotto has any remaining mental scars from the first fight on December 3. Right now, Team Margarito sounds confident, but they've got their own problems right now, too, namely that Margarito will go into this fight rusty and coming off of a surgery that is very high-risk for a fighter, particularly one with his style.