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Preview for Victor Ortiz and Oscar de la Hoya on 'Piers Morgan Tonight' (Video)

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Here's a preview video of tonight's appearance on "Piers Morgan Tonight" from Victor Ortiz and Oscar de la Hoya. The show starts at 9 p.m. EDT on CNN.

Pretty standard Ortiz stuff, but like we mentioned this morning, this is a chance for him to bring his story outside of the boxing bubble and maybe get some more folks interested in finding out more about him. I think Ortiz plays anywhere and to anyone, from kids who might be going through similar situations that he went through, to grandmothers in Des Moines. He's got that personality people like. He talks a lot. He smiles a lot. Ortiz actually kind of reminds me of a politician in the way he'll go from smiling to a serious face on a dime, but that's not really meant as a shot, even if I did compare him to a politician. He focuses on the issues, but doesn't forget the charm.

Also worth noting if you missed the news yesterday, Victor Ortiz was named a celebrity ambassador for Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.