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Shane Mosley Continues Work at Wild Card, Spars With Jose Benavidez Jr

We mentioned last Thursday that "Sugar" Shane Mosley got back into the ring down at the Wild Card Gym in Hollywood, sparring last week with Mercito Gesta, a Filipino lightweight prospect who next fights on September 17. Mosley brought his son, Shane Jr, in to get some work, and both wound up working with Gesta.

Today, Jose Benavidez Jr tweeted a picture from his official Facebook page, where the 19-year-old junior welterweight prospect is seen alongside Mosley, who turns 40 on September 7. The two sparred today, and Benavidez also sparred further with Gesta, as those two have been working together at the gym. Benavidez also fights on that September 17 card in his home state of Arizona, which will be broadcast on Top Rank Live.

Here's Benavidez and Mosley together:


Two things strike me looking at this photo:

  • Facially, Mosley looks his age. This is not a new revelation, but he's clearly a 40-year-old fighter. Not "hating," just saying. Still looks to be in good shape, but when isn't he?
  • It's striking seeing them together just how big a kid and how big a junior welterweight Benavidez really is. At 5'11", he's a couple inches taller than Mosley, who has spent the last 12 years at welterweight and junior middleweight.

I'm sure this will eventually spark rumors that Mosley might look to hire Freddie Roach to train him for what would at this point amount to a "comeback," but there's been no indication of that. Sugar Shane is just getting some work in, and he went to a good place to do that. He is currently a promotional free agent, but anyone would be happy to sign him for the right terms, either to promote a "comeback" or to potentially feed him to up-and-comers at 147 or 154. Despite his last three poor performances against Floyd Mayweather Jr, Sergio Mora, and Manny Pacquiao, he still has some name value.