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Mike Tyson-Inspired HBO Show 'Da Brick' Gets a Cast

"Da Brick," which was picked up as a pilot by HBO and inspired by the life of former world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson, has a cast to go along with director Spike Lee, writer John Ridley, and executive producers Doug Ellin, Tyson, Lakiha Tyson (Mike's wife), and Jim Lefkowitz.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

The premium network has cast Attack the Block star John Boyega to play the project's titular character.

Boyega will play Donnie, who, after his release from juvenlie detention on his 18th birthday begins an exploration of what it means to be a man for himself and those around him.

Others cast:

Milauna Jemai (NCIS) as Donnie's mother; Julito McCullum (The Wire) as Donnie's best friend, Kevin; and Kamahl Naiqui Palmer (Gossip Girl) as the "moral center" of Donnie's friend group.

Is anyone excited about the show? I generally give anything that HBO does of any interest to me a shot, because of their strong history in producing my two favorite TV shows ever (Deadwood and The Sopranos, and also yes, The Wire The Wire The Wire, there, now I'm a real sports blogger), but I also tend to approach boxing movies and TV shows with a lot of skepticism. I do like that Spike Lee is attached, though.

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