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Edison Miranda Officially Enters Mayorga Territory With Latest Trash Talk

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Edison Miranda is still funny, but his trash talk has become little more than noise. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
Edison Miranda is still funny, but his trash talk has become little more than noise. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
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Last week on ESPN's Friday Night Fights, Edison Miranda was disqualified in the fifth round for repeated low blows on opponent Yordanis Despaigne. The loss was Miranda's sixth, and dropped his record to just 8-6 since his first loss to Arthur Abraham in 2006.

But Miranda has not let the tough run get to him, as he's still talking trash in a big way. Here's what he has to say about Despaigne:

"I tapped Despaigne on the belt line and he fell down like he'd been shot. He's not a fighter, he's an actor and he was looking for a way out because he didn't like the way the story was going to end. He got hit low a couple more times and cried on command and the fight was over. So for that performance, I am awarding him Best Actress in a Dramatic Role. He's the new Million Dollar Baby. ... He was out of gas. I let him punch me because it was like pillow fighting a girl. He knew he had to get out of there before the fight was half over because I was in amazing shape and coming on strong. If it had gone one or two more rounds, he was finished."

Whether or not this was a likely outcome is debatable, and over the course of the fight Miranda had been stung more than Despaigne. But what he's not wrong about is that Despaigne did some acting. The first point deduction was on an absurd flop from Despaigne that referee Vic Drakulich bought into, and by the time the DQ came, Drakulich had taken a second point from Miranda and warned him several other times. Miranda could have just, you know, stopped punching low. But that first deduction was total bunk.

I can't help but feel that Edison Miranda is now in Ricardo Mayorga territory. Y'know, where a fighter talks a ton of trash, and sure sometimes it's funny, but it's basically all they have left going for them. Mayorga and Miranda have a lot of things in common, really, but now that he's 30 and his career pattern is pretty well set, I'd say it's official: Edison Miranda is the poor man's Ricardo Mayorga. No matter how many times either of them lose, they will never shut up. And that's kind of fun.