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Video: Sergio Martinez vs Darren Barker Press Conference on HBO Buzz


The October 1 fight between middleweight world champion Sergio Martinez and challenger Darren Barker was featured on HBO's "Buzz" series recently. Here's the video from the press conference:

My favorite moments:

  1. Obviously, Sergio's Borat-like "You've just been buzzed!" at the end.
  2. Eddie Hearn's name being misspelled on the graphic.
  3. Darren Barker calling himself "an unknown Brit." I like when guys are honest about who they are in relation to their fight, especially in instances like this. It makes Barker seem very relaxed.
  4. "The great Sergio Martinez." I love the way boxing works.
  5. "Sergio's now a star, and it's time to promote him as such." I reckon maybe I would promote guys like they're stars all the time. Why not? People believe lots of stuff.

I still like this fight pretty well, and I wager more than most do. Barker is a serious underdog, but he's a good fighter and is a perfectly appropriate opponent. Plus this doesn't mention the co-feature, a rematch between Andy Lee and Brian Vera, which should produce a fun fight for however long it lasts.