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Robert Guerrero Hopes to Fight Manny Pacquiao, Willing to Face Amir Khan

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Robert Guerrero is itching for big fights, and he's got one on August 27. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Robert Guerrero is itching for big fights, and he's got one on August 27. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
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With three weeks to go before Robert Guerrero invades the junior welterweight division by taking on highly-rated and respected Marcos Maidana in San Jose on HBO, "The Ghost" is again letting everyone know that he's seeking the biggest, toughest, and best fights he can find, including Manny Pacquiao and Amir Khan.

In an interview with Ray Makarian of The Sweet Science, Guerrero (29-1-1, 18 KO) says he chose to fight Maidana specifically because it's not an easy fight. That is pretty well in line with Guerrero's career, as the Bay Area native has been desperately trying to find big fights for the last couple of years. He's had some notable bouts, but has also had to settle for lesser fights on a few occasions, or he's simply been bumped from negotiations.

One instance Guerrero brought up in that regard was 2011 talks with Amir Khan. When Timothy Bradley dropped out of the July 23 date with Khan on HBO, there was a time where it appeared that Guerrero was the front-runner to land the fight, as Golden Boy (promoters of Khan and Guerrero) were having difficulty dealing with Zab Judah's promoters, Main Events:

"Amir Khan called me out before the Zab Judah fight. I was willing to take that fight. I was excited about it. Khan said, ‘I would rather fight Guerrero than Zab Judah. Zab Judah is already old and past his prime and he is a runner. Guerrero comes to fight. I would rather fight him.’ Then he ends up signing the contract to fight Zab Judah. I will let that speak for itself."

By fighting Maidana on August 27, Guerrero is putting his money where his mouth is, which is nice to see. He's won major titles at featherweight and super featherweight, along with interim belts at lightweight, but he's yet to have that breakthrough victory on his record, and at 28, he seems like he's been treading water somewhat, against his own wishes. Beating Maidana could be step one, and if it did lead to a December/January fight with Khan, who knows where he could go from there? A win over Khan would definitely make him an attractive opponent for the likes of Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather. But it all starts with Maidana, and that's not a fight to look past.