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Video: HBO Promo for Robert Guerrero vs Marcos Maidana

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Here's the HBO promo spot for the August 27 fight between Robert Guerrero and Marcos Maidana.

I still think this is the biggest and best fight of the month, and that means something even with a light schedule, since this Saturday's Agbeko vs Mares fight on Showtime is tremendous, too. I just think this one is more significant, honestly. If Guerrero wins, he could be in line for some really big fights. If Maidana wins, he could, too, although it seems like Maidana is constantly treated as a B-side in one way or another and without having any great reason to say this (it's just my gut feeling, in other words), it just seems like Golden Boy would love to use him as a step up instead of one of their top stars.

But in a way, I think that's a great thing -- Maidana has no fear of fighting anyone, and Golden Boy is totally willing to let him fight anyone, it seems. Frankly they've already gotten more than they could have ever expected from Maidana with three HBO main events and a pay-per-view main event (even though it sold nothing) after he beat Victor Ortiz. Maidana might be the most organic star in boxing right now. People like him because he's good and makes for exciting fights every time out. Hell, he's had more main events on HBO than Guerrero and Victor Ortiz have combined, and that's without ever receiving one of those big promotional pushes.