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Video: Chad Dawson Says He's Grown Up, Looking to Fight 3-4 More Years

Here's a little local flavor for you, as WTNH in Connecticut did a quick feature on Chad Dawson as he prepares for his October 15 fight with Bernard Hopkins:

Dawson: "I've got four little boys. I've got my kids and my wife. That's the best thing I've got going for myself right now. ... I think I'll be the first person to knock Bernard out. I feel like he's scared of me. ... I gotta be comfortable with myself and what I do in the ring, and what I do in the ring, I'm comfortable with. Showing my technique, my skill. ... I feel the same way. I think the Bernard Hopkins fight is gonna be that fight that makes people open their eyes and realize I'm one of the best fighters in the world. ... Another three or four years. I've got the opportunity to make some big money right now. Next three years, hopefully I can make some big money, and leave on a good note."

I would note that no, Chad Dawson is not likely to have another pay-per-view fight even if he wins this one, because he's not a pay-per-view attaction. (Mayweather clap! Mayweather clap!) The only reason this fight is on pay-per-view is that HBO's budget is exhausted and they basically had no choice but to put this on pay-per-view. It doesn't belong there, and everyone knows it, from HBO to Golden Boy to Gary Shaw to the fans, but they're trying to make the best of it with a decent undercard. At least there's that.