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Video: Floyd Mayweather Jr Fight Song by Stix and CoryLavel

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This was sent to us (and a billion other people) on Twitter and I always like to showcase things that aren't the average boxing news, so here's the "Official Knockout Song" for Floyd Mayweather Jr's fight with Victor Ortiz by Stix and CoryLavel.

For whatever reason, I enjoy songs about athletes or sports games, particularly boxers. Of course nothing will ever be as good as Kurtis Blow's tribute to basketball ("Basketball"), but I'm glad people still make songs like this. Plus it has the added bonus of not even being particularly corny. I mean there's only so much artistically you can do with a limited theme like Floyd Mayweather Jr and his public persona and all that, but they avoid being completely ridiculous, I think, and that took some skill.

If you haven't been keeping up with all of our Mayweather vs Ortiz coverage, you can go here to see everything, including the official fight poster that we posted earlier today.