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Mayweather vs Ortiz: Star Power PPV Promo (Video)

I really do love the promotion for this fight. It's been some of the corniest stuff you're ever going to see.

My favorite part:

On September 17th, Floyd Mayweather and Victor Ortiz will fight for the WBC welterweight championship of the world. Floyd Mayweather is the biggest star in boxing. Victor Ortiz is boxing's newest star. He has the power.

When the bell rings that night, these elite athletes will land punishing blows on each other. The goal? The sum total of a grueling, eight-week camp, and a lifetime's dedication ending in triumph. On September 17th, two stars step into the ring. Each has proven they deserve to be there.

Oh, well then! He has the power! Each has proven they deserve to be there!

See, Floyd's the star. Victor has power. Star + Power = Star Power!

But I really, really do love the campy presentation they're giving this. Those who were going to order the fight will order it no matter what, so at least they're entertaining those of us who like goofy nonsense. Maybe that wasn't the intention.

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