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Mike Lee's Subway Commercial with Justin Tuck, Ryan Howard, and Michael Strahan (Video)

This is such a weird thing to have happened. This has been all over NFL programming this weekend, and for the few who pay attention, I wonder if they have sought out information on Mike Lee? He's far from a mainstream name -- hell, he's far from a boxing name. He's a novice prospect with Notre Dame ties and Top Rank promotion.

Boxing fans, of course, are wondering exactly why Top Rank is pushing Lee so hard. Either it's because they see more in his talent than a lot of us do, or it's because he's a well-spoken white American with a good look. Hey, I'm not trying to be "controversial" when I say that, but he's a clean cut Notre Dame graduate who gives a good interview and doesn't seem to have an ego problem.

Of course we'll see how that ego thing turns out since he's getting Subway commercials alongside Justin Tuck, Ryan Howard, and Michael Strahan before anyone really knows who he is or before he's fought so much as a respectable fighter.

Still, again -- congratulations to Mike Lee and his promotional team. They're doing a fine job getting him out there.

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