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Mayweather vs Ortiz: Floyd Mayweather Jr on Conan (Video)

For those who missed it, as I did, here's the full interview from Floyd Mayweather Jr's Monday night appearance on Conan O'Brien's TBS late night show.
Mayweather does, you know, OK in the format. Without getting to play his character (or caricature) he never comes off quite so charismatic. He's a "24/7" creation, or perhaps "24/7" is a creation of his. "Money Mayweather" isn't really present here -- he's just Floyd, and he's often at a loss for anything to say, which Howie Mandel encounters quickly. Floyd isn't particularly quick or witty. Like a pro wrestler, he does better with a rehearsed promo he's probably given to a mirror at The Big Boy Mansion.

But it's pretty good promotion, because this "other side" of Floyd, which is probably closer to the real guy behind the ridiculousness, can be quietly charming. He's just a guy, not a fearsome combat athlete.

This probably didn't do anything to sell the fight to someone on the fence, but it's never bad to get the fighters out there.

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