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Pacquiao vs Marquez: Manny Interviews Juan Manuel, TV Karaoke Showdown (Video)

This is pretty great:

I think what we're seeing with these two is genuine sports rivalry. They don't dislike each other. They certainly don't hate each other. Juan Manuel Marquez just truly feels that he deserves to be 2-0 against Manny Pacquiao and not 0-1-1. The press tour with these two was just tons of smiling and goofiness, including karaoke:

Like, come on. This is fantastic. Who could hate this?

They're showing a level of mutual admiration that I didn't expect. Marquez has always been kind of chippy when asked about Pacquiao in the past, but now I'm convinced he doesn't have anything but the utmost respect for his great rival, and just wants everyone to know that he thinks he won those two fights.

This may be the first time in history that singing has ever made me more excited for a fight, too. These two getting on like old friends who are preparing to go to boxing war fills my hateful cynic's heart with joy.

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