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Mayweather vs Ortiz: Floyd, Victor, Canelo and the Gang at Universal CityWalk

Here's a snippet from the public event earlier this week at Universal CityWalk in Los Angeles for Saturday night's Mayweather vs Ortiz card:

There's a lot going on here. It's kind of hard to hear the audio at points, but let's run down some notable parts in quick n' dirty fashion:

  • I can't decide if I find Victor Ortiz's bow tie to be absurd phony hipsterism or just absurd.
  • 50 Cent has been reduced to a B-movie actor and Floyd's tagalong buddy in a Gilligan hat. How funny is that?
  • That radio doofus hosting this event is so bad he's awesome. The man is positively terrible. Do you remember the weigh-in for Mayweather vs Marquez, when they had this goofball hosting on behalf of Mexican people, and D.L. Hughley was there for black people? That is my favorite weigh-in of all-time, and will likely never be topped. The radio dork and Oscar trying to rally Mexican fans by singing, "Marquez, Marquez, Marquez, Marquez" was one of the worst moments ever. Plus Triple H was there for some reason. I guess he was for the white folks? I wish I had a Blu-Ray DVD of that weigh-in. I'll never forget it.
  • Mayweather hyping Jessie Vargas as "the future of boxing" might not be helpful. He's a pretty good prospect and all, but...
  • I like when Floyd does things like this, because he seems almost at a loss as to what he should do next after his last bit is over. The shadow boxing routine he does here is a new one.
  • "(Name) is a helluva fighter" may be Mayweather's most overused cliche.
  • He's not here, but is anyone else getting the sinking feeling that if Erik Morales and Floyd both win on Saturday, Morales will try to call out Mayweather for a fight at 147?

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