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Mayweather vs Ortiz: Zab Judah Picks Mayweather By Late Stoppage (Video)

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Zab, of course, is one of the southpaws that Mayweather has been in the ring with, and is an on-again, off-again pal of Floyd's, who apparently is on-again at the moment. I've always sort of assumed that their personal relationship has peaks and valleys because of the egos involved. Neither of them seem the type to back down from a totally meaningless argument. I bet there's been a few of those that started some beefs in the past. Plus there was that whole business with Judah punching Floyd in the balls a lot.

But! The biggest thing here is that Zab is back baby! You know!!!

In just about one minute's time, Zab Judah says "you know" a grand total of 16 times. Pound-for-pound, this is on the level of his Ruben Galvan post-fight interview, and I never thought that Judah would get back to that career peak again.

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