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Mayweather vs Ortiz: Freddie Roach, Brandon Rios, Carl Froch and More Weigh In With Analysis (Video)

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Carl Froch: "Victor Ortiz performed brilliantly against Andre Berto. It was a fight I watched and enjoyed. It was up and down, you didn't know quite who was going to win that fight. But Ortiz all the way through looked strong, he looked like he was dominating, and in the difficult rounds that they both came through, he seemed to come back in the next round a lot stronger. ... Mayweather is a totally different animal. He's so technically proficient in what he does... being able to just dominate from round one to round 12 against top-level fighters for me poses a big, big problem for Ortiz."

I feel like I should note this: Carl Froch is a terrific analyst in the making. He worked Prizefighter in the perch position with Jamie Moore on Thursday and was absolutely excellent. And speaking of guys who will be great analysts down the line...

Andre Ward: "I think that it's a great matchup. I know Ortiz... and he is gonna bring it, this is his opportunity to literally shock the world and take the crown off of Floyd Mayweather's head. The only problem is Floyd Mayweather has been here before, he's heard everything that can be said, and he's the master, I believe, until somebody proves otherwise."

Steve Farhood: "Floyd Mayweather's not human. He's different than every other fighter. He stays in tremendous shape, and he's proven in the past that a layoff isn't gonna stop him or his skills. I think that you have to make Floyd a fairly significant favorite here. ... The longer the fight goes, I believe Mayweather's skills, precision punching, counter punching, and defense, of course, will make a difference."

Antonio Tarver: "I think Victor Ortiz will have some moments, but Floyd Mayweather once he figures him out, the end will be right around the corner."

Brandon Rios: "Mayweather's gonna dominate. Mayweather is not 41-0 for nothing. He's always prepared, he's always in shape. ... Mayweather's always in the gym, he's always ready. I think Mayweather's gonna dominate the fight. ... He'll probably play with him. Victor could prove everybody wrong like he did with the Andre Berto fight, but I doubt it, because Berto's no Mayweather."

Freddie Roach: "I like (Ortiz) at the weight. He's very strong and I think he's got a shot in the fight, but I do favor Floyd to win a decision."

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