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Mayweather vs Ortiz: Floyd Mayweather's Dominant Win Over Shane Mosley (Full Fight Video)

Courtesy HBO Sports and Yahoo! Sports, here is the full fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Shane Mosley. The bout took place on May 1, 2010, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Mayweather was hurt early in the fight, but rebounded to take full control and dominate Mosley through the final 10 rounds of increasingly one-sided action.

Truth be told, this was a fight where I never though Mosley was going to win, and I have been a big fan of Sugar Shane Mosley for years now. When they said he had hand speed that rivaled Mayweather's, I scoffed. I think I legitimately scoffed, out loud. To somebody. Perhaps my confused wife.

But as it turned out, no, Shane Mosley was not on Mayweather's level. Not anymore. Perhaps years ago, that fight could have been interesting, but I think Mayweather would always have been too fast, too slick, too good for Shane Mosley. Styles make fights and all that, and Mosley's warrior style would have always played into Mayweather's hands. That's just my opinion.

But to watch the fight is to get a sense of the man we may see tomorrow. Mosley was old, shop-worn, had been through the hard years and the hard fights. Ortiz is young, he's strong, and for all the world, he seems confident. There's not a lot to really take from this fight stylistically as a preview for Mayweather vs Ortiz, but watch the way that Floyd demoralizes an opponent so much that by the late rounds, Mosley is mentally gone in the corner between rounds, a vacant man whose boxing soul has been removed. We're talking about a once-great fighter in Shane Mosley, totally clueless as to how to handle the man in front of him.