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Larry Merchant: "Mayweather Is a Prima Donna" (Video)

This is a bizarre clash of, I don't know, eras, or something. This is a strange video to watch. Here we have 80-year-old Larry Merchant of HBO Sports being stopped and questioned by TMZ. Larry Merchant on TMZ. This is what happens when Floyd Mayweather Jr comes around.
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I already thought it was weird enough that Merchant was trending long into the night on Twitter, but now this.

Merchant: "(Last night) was kind of exhilarating, in its own way. ... (Floyd) hit him with a legal sucker punch. ... It worked. He was in charge of the fight. But a lot of fans saw it and didn't like what they saw. ... It was a very explosive, volatile feeling in the audience, and I think that might have influenced how (Floyd) felt after the fight. ... He's a prima donna, he's an outstanding fighter, he needs to be in control of everything. He is a modern reality show in progress."

Larry Merchant on TMZ. It's 2011, y'all.

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