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Victor Ortiz Wants Rematch With Mayweather, Says Fight Wasn't Fair (Video)

Here's video of Victor Ortiz at last night's post-fight press conference, courtesy MaxBoxing's YouTube channel:

On a possible rematch with Mayweather: "I would love the rematch, because you know, I fouled Floyd, and I apologized in the ring, and apologized after the fight as well. Just heat of the moment. It's one of those things where the ref was in the middle, and they called the break as well, and he caught me after the ref caught me (?). And I guess to a sense, it's a payback but I agree to disagree, I'd like the rematch, though, it'd be a nice one. ... ... I do want the rematch, and I'm sure Floyd will give it to me. Well, I hope, anyways."

On the headbutt: "All of a sudden I was gonna come in to throw, and the moment I did that, he came in, I went right for his face on accident. But, you know, stuff happens."

On Mayweather's speed: "I think Berto was faster, personally. And he was stronger, too. But his speed was decent. It was decent. I caught the punches. I could see where they were coming, where they were going. He had a little sneaky right, though, so it was good."

On whether it was fair: "I paid for my mistake, they took my point away, and he didn't...he just...he called that break, and he didn't -- he just put me, out man. At the end of the day, everyone has their opinion, but in my opinion it wasn't a fair fight."

On Mayweather's power: "I was letting them come in, as well. ... It wasn't hurting me at all. So I was like, 'Alright, good thing.' He doesn't have a stiff right."

On why Floyd would rematch him: "Well, I'm sure he likes the money that came with it. Me, I didn't grow up with anything, so, you know, I'm fine. As long as I -- I know I'll be champion again. Within the next six months, I'll be champ again."

There's plenty more in the video, but let me just say this: I have considered Victor Ortiz a headcase with weird personality ticks for years. I don't think it's ever been clearer than now. His refusal to acknowledge his incredibly blatant, 100% obvious headbutt is another instance where it seems like Ortiz is trying to put one over on everyone, like he believes if he says it, everyone will believe him. Maybe he does it to convince himself.

But there's no questioning that headbutt. It was clear as day, and had nothing at all to do with him "coming in to throw," or Mayweather "coming in." He braced himself, he jumped, and he flung his head into Mayweather's face like it was a video game. He can lie to himself or others all he wants, but there's not a single person who thinks it was anything other better than a moment of sheer immaturity and stupidity from Ortiz.

As for him saying Berto is faster than Mayweather, you can hear members of the press audibly laughing at the very idea.

Ortiz is on another planet. I have often compared him to Oscar De La Hoya, but now he's gone well beyond that comparison, too. De La Hoya had a knack for exaggerating at times, but Ortiz is just plain weird, and it's once again an open question as to whether or not he's mentally cut out for the pressures of being a top fighter. This will surely fuel him to complain about "haters" and "doubters" once again, but just like last time against Marcos Maidana, he has opened the questions with his own actions.

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