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Oscar De La Hoya Speaks, Says He'll Push for Mayweather vs Ortiz Rematch

Oscar De La Hoya of Golden Boy Promotions has finally spoken on the Mayweather vs Ortiz finish and fight last night, and says he'll try to make a rematch between the two.



If there's one thing I'm sick of hearing, it's "young lion" (if there's two, it's "young hungry lion" and if there's three, add "helluva fighter"), but this could be significant. Oscar often gets a little...weird on Twitter, but this is pretty straightforward. I'm sure he'll absolutely fight for a Mayweather vs Ortiz rematch, with the biggest reason being that Mayweather is the biggest Golden Boy fighter there is, even though he doesn't technically work for Golden Boy. (Look, once you've fought five straight big event fights with a single promoter involved, you basically are their fighter, because you'll only work with them, even if not for them.)

Mayweather will have options, the leading second option being another GBP fighter, Amir Khan. I still, for the moment, expect Mayweather vs Ortiz II. GBP will want that money, they'll want that big event, and even if Floyd beat him again, look, Berto vs Ortiz II (I think the only really notable fight besides Floyd that Victor can get next) will still be there.

And as I mentioned before, a Mayweather vs Ortiz rematch could happen on May 5, 2012 -- exactly five years after Oscar and Mayweather smashed pay-per-view records with their mega-fight in 2007. I think Golden Boy would love to do a sort of "celebration" promotion of their greatest event.

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