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Mike Tyson Roasts Charlie Sheen in Comedy Central Special (Video)

Here's a bit of Mike Tyson's segment from Comedy Central's Roast of Charlie Sheen.

Language is absolutely NOT SAFE FOR WORK, or probably for your children.

A bit more after the jump in another video.

I think Tyson is...well, pretty good. Mostly here he gets at Jeffrey Ross and not Sheen, but while he's certainly not a natural comedian, he does better than Warren Sapp did at the roast of...whoever that was. Larry the Cable Guy? These things all run together for me.

It's nice to see Tyson getting along in the world these days and not, at 45, worried about where money's coming from or considering some terrible offer to fight again. Hell, he's younger than Bernard Hopkins, but he's long gone and has brought himself back into the spotlight via movies and TV and being able to poke fun of himself, a quality that isn't exactly common among fighters, particularly those who had the rags-to-riches-to-rags story of Tyson. He seems happy enough. Good for him.

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