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Pacquiao vs Marquez 24/7 Teaser Video, Series Premiere on October 22

Here's the HBO teaser for Pacquiao vs Marquez 24/7, debuting on Saturday, October 22. The premiere episode will be paired with the live fight between Nonito Donaire and Omar Narvaez from New York City.

This might be a tough 24/7 to get into, but I'll add that I almost always start falling out of the mood with the series by episode three, and that I've really never liked one that didn't have Floyd Mayweather Jr and his goofy antics. Well, I thought the Pacquiao vs Hatton series was pretty good, but that's it.

I'm glad that they've included Marquez drinking his urine, since that's about the only interesting thing about him outside of the ring, and 24/7 is a show all about what fighters are like outside of the ring.

Spoilers: Manny has a big entourage, Manny is nice, Manny has a political career, Freddie wishes he could get Manny to focus more, Freddie wishes he could get Manny to slow down, Freddie thinks they'll knock this guy out, Juan drinks his own urine, Baguio City is different than Hollywood, Mexico is different than both, Freddie and Nacho don't like each other, Buboy rules.

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