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Al Bernstein: UK Boxing Is More Fun Than in America (Video)

Here's a new interview from Jane Couch with Showtime and now Channel 5 analyst Al Bernstein, one of the best in the game. It's a good, long interview, and Bernstein shows once again that he's able to easily roll with the punches, and along with being a great interviewer, is a great interview. I really like what Jane is doing in boxing now -- I dig stuff that isn't just according to formula, and she takes your traditional boxing interview and tries to make it more laid-back and free-flowing and conversational.

Bernstein on UK vs US boxing: "Here's the thing I wanna say about it. It's more fun (in the United Kingdom). And the reason it's more fun --- and I'm not just saying it just because I'm talking to you, and because obviously on your web site everybody can see it around the world. It's more fun because the atmosphere is fun, the fans are into kind of a pure way that I think American fans are not. And I think boxing probably in Great Britain is just a little more revered sport than it is in America. And I like that for the most part, you see great scraps, to use a word that would be used over here. And I think they're good fighters. Listen, English fighters are winning world champions. So you can't say -- I mean, you can't say Carl Froch, David Haye was a great cruiserweight even though he didn't distinguish himself in the heavyweight championship fight. Go down the list and talk about Amir Khan--"

Couch: "We've had some great fighters."

Bernstein: "You've had excellent fighters! So the old paradigm that somehow boxing--"

Couch: "What's a paradigm?"

Bernstein: "Uh, the old idea."

Couch: "OK. Sorry, I wasn't very well educated."

Bernstein: "That's OK, I probably don't know what it means either. I was just making it up. But that British fighters or European fighters aren't up to certain standards, I think that's all wrong."

And there's much more here. Enjoy!

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