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Amir Khan Says Mayweather Lucky to Not Get Disqualified, Expects to Fight Floyd Next Year

Amir Khan has offered another take on Mayweather vs Ortiz. (Photo by Scott Heavey/Getty Images)
Amir Khan has offered another take on Mayweather vs Ortiz. (Photo by Scott Heavey/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Though Amir Khan recently defended Floyd Mayweather Jr's controversial knockout of Victor Ortiz last Saturday, yesterday he told the BBC that Mayweather was lucky to not be disqualified:

"If that was anyone else you would have been disqualified but because it was Mayweather they can't disqualify him. ... Mayweather is a fighter off the streets and he thought 'forget this I'm going to get this kid back' and as soon as the ref wasn't looking, bang, he hit him with a left hook. If that happened without Victor hitting him in the head I think Floyd would have got disqualified."

I think it's fair to say that Amir Khan is a guy who loves to talk, and won't pass up the opportunity to answer a question, and doesn't mind contradicting himself or anything like that.

Khan also adds that he's two or three fights away from being ready for Mayweather himself. The first of those will come on December 10 when Khan faces Lamont Peterson on HBO. That might well be his swan song at 140 pounds, as he and Golden Boy are planning to move up to welterweight next year. Both Mayweather and Khan are reportedly highly interested in a fight next year. Mayweather even discussed Khan a bit during his promotion of the Ortiz fight, saying that Khan would have to first beat Jessie Vargas. Mayweather later admitted the obvious and said he was just trying to get Vargas, a fighter he promotes, some publicity.

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