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Victor Ortiz Wants Mayweather Rematch, But Doubts Floyd Does (Video)

TMZ caught up with Victor Ortiz going out to dinner, and Ortiz took the opportunity to demand a rematch with Floyd Mayweather Jr:

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On the knockout: "They always tell you, a referee has the upper hand. So in this case, I respect the referees at all times. The referee called his time, or whatever, and then he's looking that way, so I made sure it was OK with the ref, and then the moment I look at the ref, I look back at Floyd, and then I get caught. I get hit. Personally I don't think that was justice, justified. That was, like, totally unfair, but it's OK. I'll get him back."

On a rematch: "Oh yeah. Oh yeah. I want the rematch, but I doubt our friend wants it."

On Mayweather vs Merchant: "I love Larry Merchant. He'd beat me up."

Scott's Take: Ortiz may or may not wind up getting a rematch with Mayweather, and his team is giving Floyd 30 days to "express interest" before they move on, possibly to a rematch with Andre Berto. The biggest thing will be how the pay-per-view did. If it performed really well, I can see a rematch happening. If it was just an average Floyd show or below, I'm not sure the post-fight buzz was quite enough to get Mayweather back into a ring quickly enough for an Ortiz rematch to happen next, at least for Victor. It's not like Ortiz is going to sit around for a year waiting for Floyd to get ready to fight again. I'm sure he'd wait until May for a Mayweather rematch, but that's about as far as I can see him sitting out.

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