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DiBella Demanding Olympic-Style Drug Testing for Possible Berto vs Ortiz Rematch

If Victor Ortiz wants a big fight rematch against Floyd Mayweather or Andre Berto, he'll have to do Olympic-style drug testing. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
If Victor Ortiz wants a big fight rematch against Floyd Mayweather or Andre Berto, he'll have to do Olympic-style drug testing. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
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Lou DiBella says he isn't accusing Victor Ortiz of doping, but that he won't allow Ortiz to face his fighter, Andre Berto, in any potential rematch without Olympic-style drug testing. From

"I would not make the fight without Olympic style drug testing," DiBella said. "Yeah we want the fight, and we’d demand the same drug testing that just happened in the Mayweather fight."

Berto (28-1, 22 KO) lost to Ortiz (29-3-2, 22 KO) in April, and then the fighter took to Twitter to "not accuse" Berto of using performance-enhancing drugs. But here's exactly what Berto said on Twitter:

(1) Yo this is the main question I get from fans and boxing people. Did they drug test Ortiz? (2) Let me clear the air now!! Your right there is a reason why Ortiz had so much energy, a reason he could take my heavy shots and keep ticking (3) N there is a reason why he came into the ring 165 pounds. I know people close to him and his camp and I know exactly we he was taking (4) it wasn't Flintstone vitamins!! But it is what it is I should of beat him anyways but it wasn't me that night. Ortiz wasn't him either lol (5) Lesson learned time to forget about the past and look forward to the future. (6) Never bitter never sour Ortiz fought a good fight and got the W. I take my L like a man n come back better Iam lookin forward 2 the rematch

Berto then tried to joke his way out of it, and denied he "said anything," but nobody really bought it.

Ortiz responded shortly after:

"It was too bad that a former world-class champ who got his heart taken couldn’t accept that he lost. Yeah, he bitched up; he couldn’t deal with it. It didn’t anger me at all. I kind of feel sorry for Berto. To take a beating like that from me and then I take his belt, it makes me laugh; it’s a bad excuse. ... Berto was offered and he was going to look past me as some piece of crap. I knew he was done the day before I told Golden Boy I wanted the Berto fight. Then he got mad at me, blamed for steroids. Besides, I don’t take Flintsone vitamins, thank you very much. I take Centrum."

So DiBella demanding Olympic-style testing and then denying that he's "saying anything" is what it is, and it's pretty transparent. I'm all for the harsh testing for boxing, but it seems like people only bring it up for self-serving reasons, and it's nothing to do with making a fairer boxing for you and me and all the great fans of this great sport around the world.

Whether or not Ortiz will accept this demand is unknown, but he did just do it to fight Mayweather, and said he had no complaints. He also didn't look to be in any different condition than he ever is on fight night. The tough thing for Ortiz is that he seems only interested in rematching Mayweather or rematching Berto. If Mayweather isn't interested, he'd have to accept the same Mayweather-like testing, but it doesn't come with a Mayweather fight attached now, it's "just" an Andre Berto fight.

Will he go for it? Do you think he should bend to the demands from the Berto camp? Or do you feel like, even though the stronger testing is in no way bad, that Berto and DiBella are simply trying to get their own way, so to speak, for a rematch?

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