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Hopkins vs Dawson: 'Believe It Or Not' PPV Promo (Video)

Wow, this is something. But then, these things always are:

I'm not sure the concept works in the way that the promo explains it -- "or not" being Chad Dawson's half seems a little off. Like, the things you are supposed to "believe it" re: Hopkins, those are all just facts. He is the oldest champion in boxing history, he is the reigning WBC and Ring Magazine light heavyweight champion, he did hold the middleweight championship for 10 years and made 20 defenses.

Whether or not Chad Dawson defeats Bernard Hopkins on October 15 does not change any of these things. Like, I understand the idea of "believe it or not." I know about Ripley's. But these are just indisputable facts. This is not up for debate. And whether or not Dawson "tarnishes Hopkins' legacy" (which, by the way, is impossible for Dawson to do personally -- a scandal of some sort could tarnish Hopkins' legacy, but not losing a fight at age 46), none of it changes. There's no OR NOT about it.

Silly, silly, silly pay-per-view promo makers in boxing. This one might top WhO r U pIcKiNg????!1!1 for me.

But it does remind me of the theme to "The Greatest American Hero." Believe it or not, I'm gettin' a shot! I never thought I'd be on P-P-V-hee-heeeeee!

Believe it or not, it's just Chaaaaaaaaaaad.

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