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Hopkins vs Dawson: Spotlight on Chad Dawson (Video)

Here's another HBO Sports teaser for the October 15 fight between Bernard Hopkins and Chad Dawson. Believe it ... OR NOT! This one focuses on Chad Dawson.

Dawson describing himself as a surgeon is pretty great. He can be, kind of, but ... boy, this is a tough fight to sell, isn't it? I mean, I'm interested because I like boxing and because it's a meeting of top guys in a weight class, but I can't pretend to tell you that this fight will be exciting, and without a blowaway undercard, jeez, I have trouble recommending anyone but the hardcorest of diehard wackos throw crazy jack at this, fearing if a regular ol' person does so, they may wind up bent.

Honestly, what's your guess for PPV buys here? Since they won't sell many it may not be easy to find out for sure what kind of business it does, but I'm guessing about 125,000 or so. It's just not an enticing fight for pay-per-view money, and again, for those who have missed why this is even on pay-per-view, it's a budget issue. HBO didn't have enough money for the remainder of the year to pick this one up for World Championship Boxing, which is where it belongs. The only way this fight could have been made at this time was through the use of pay-per-view. Expectations are surely very low for everyone involved, so a "flop" will be relative. Hopkins hasn't sold a pay-per-view in years and Dawson isn't the right opponent to help him out.

For those ordering, like I will be, pin your hopes on the undercard being good. I like the Kendall Holt vs Danny Garcia fight a lot, as well as Jorge Linares vs Antonio DeMarco. There's some hope here, but it's hope for those of us insane enough to pay $50 in the first place.

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