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Hopkins vs Dawson: Focus on Bernard Hopkins (Video)

Here's the B-Hop hyping portion of the PPV pre-show for the October 15 card headlined by 46-year-old light heavyweight champion Bernard Hopkins and "Bad" Chad Dawson:

Naazim Richardson: "If you wanna put a car in a race, you don't get the one that's been sitting in the garage. He'd just fought Pascal, so coming back, he still had the residue from that camp prior to that one. So I felt like all we had to do was put the key back in the ignition."

Richardson has a great way with words.

There's also some focus on Hopkins vs Trinidad in 2001, which they're right was sort of the truly establishing fight of Bernard's career, and it's wild to think that a decade ago, he was "too old," plus the De La Hoya fight, the Howard Eastman fight, the wins over Antonio Tarver and Kelly Pavlik, and some hype for the Dawson fight.

I still say the "Believe It or Not" theme is awful, but oh well.

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